Bad Robot PoetryEdit

Bad Robot is a UK based blogzine which publishes Internet Poetry, short essays and features. Given that the internet has done for literature what the camera did for art, Bad Robot would like to encourage as many people as possible to create and engage with an avant garde art that incorporates the dominant media of the 21st Century. Comprised of, about and/or using the conventions of the internet, Internet Poetry is a relevant mode of poesis which truly engages with life in the contemporary ‘Western’ world. With cut and paste appropriation, re-contextualisation and poem-constructing-computer programs (among other tools) Internet Poetry breaks with an egocentric, repetitive poetic tradition to allow for new forms of creativity, subjectivity and expressivity. Bad Robot wants art to be free of charge and as available as possible. All submissions are welcome and gratefully received.

Please send all enquiries to