Che Elias is an American novelist and poet now based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Elias relocated to Pittsburgh to attend Pittsburgh Filmmakers and remained in the area, subsidizing his primary interest of writing by working as a camera operator for Stroon Vision.[1] He is an experimental novelist whose published works began with the trilogy 'Rockets Construe Vala' (2001), 'Juliet..., Remember' (2002) and the 'The Pagan Ellipsis' (2004). Elias did not release another book until 2006's 'Death Poems', a book of poetry that was the first part of another trilogy, the two other parts being 'The Abacus' (2007) and 'Wheeling' (2007).

He has also released a collection of poetry titled 'Meddles Into Preclusion' (2003), and his latest works are 'The Terror of Loch Ness' (2007),and 'West Virginia' both were illustrated by Michael Hafftka. Elias is on the staff as an acquisitions editor at Six Gallery Press.[2] He has cited Thomas Pynchon, William Gaddis, William H. Gass, and Micheal S. Begnal as his main literary influences. Elias was also heavily influenced by the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, and the life and work of occultist and artist Marjorie Cameron.

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