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steve roggenbuck aka 'boost god'Edit



"about steve roggenbuck:im steve roggenbuck. im a 24-year-old poet/blogger from rural michigan. right now i'm traveling around the u.s. and staying with friends while i blog full-time. my work has been covered by know your meme and the new york times style magazine, and ive been interviewed by other people podcast, htmlgiant, and many more. i identify as vegan, buddhist, and straight edge. i work hard to create culture and build community during my time on earthEdit

LIVE MY LIEF LIVE MY LIEF is my main focus right now, where i post my video- andimage- based poetry and art. on LIEF+ i post community updates and links. i make all my money through the LML store

BOOKS i have a full-length poetry book (CRUNK JUICE), two free e-books (DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM and i am like october when i am dead), and a collaborative e-book (I LOVE MUSIC)

EVENTS i do readings in most cities i visit, see my tour dates and event recordings. i've also given presentationsabout poetry and social media at over five universities. please contact me if you'd like to book somthing!

+++ in 2010-11 i regularly wrote essays and book reviews. i also started the blog INTERNET POETRY. i've made a 9-minute video about veganism. i have several old music projects online

CONTACT my email is steveroggenbuck at if you contact me on facebook, please send me a message, not just a friend request (ive reached the friend limit)

i do a live broadcast every sunday, 7-10 pm eastern, and i spend most of the show interacting with the chatroom

im also on twitter, youtube, and instagram (steveroggenbuck). im increasingly busy, but i really apreciate any effort to connect. if i don't respond, please just send again!!

thank you very much